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M86 Props: Designing the Extraordinary for Your World.

About Us.

At M86 Props, we transcend traditional prop and set design. As the chief designer and owner, MalaMaker is the visionary force behind every creation, infusing passion and precision into each project.

Our journey is an extension of the Maker86 Industries legacy, where Unleashing Innovation and Redefining Possibilities is not just a tagline but a way of life. Specializing in prop making, mechatronics and set design, M86 Props is a manifestation of MalaMaker’s dedication to crafting immersive unique experiences.

Beyond mere products, M86 Props offers a curated collection of professionally crafted props and digital downloads of meticulously designed plans. Whether you’re seeking a ready-made masterpiece or the blueprints for your DIY adventure, MalaMaker ensures that every piece reflects a commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

M86 Props is not just a brand; it’s a testament to the artistry and passion that defines the heart of our creations. Together, we embark on a journey where every prop tells a story, and every set becomes a canvas for imagination.

Our Focus

What we do and where we shine.

Stock Props

From large to small we carry stock props finished and unfinished that you can use to build out your sets and scenes.

Set Design

Needing help with scene design, booth display or pieces to build out a set. We have 19+ years of engineering design experience to build out a wicked set and display.

Custom Pieces

We do commissioned custom prop and set design work. From woods, foams, plastics, silicones, resins, epoxies… etc, our multi-material expertise and manufacturing capabilities allow for a custom experience with every prop and set we build.

The Gallery

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Our Blog

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Our Team

The People behind the magic.

Founder & CEO

Factory42 Designs LLC

Manufacturing and Engineering Consultant

Erica Rickey

Casting Contractor


Hear from our customers.

The New Orleans prop scene we purchased has far exceeded our expectations. The attention to detail and advanced engineering put into the prop is far superior to others we have purchased from other companies. We took a leap on purchasing this early work and it has become a developing relationship that will help propel or haunt to new heights. We are looking forward to our future collaboration.

Matt Crull

Midwest Central Railroad/Midwest Haunted Rails

CEO, Mt Pleasant, IA

New Orleans Above Ground Crypt, Transworld 2023

The pyramid head was super light to wear and was super fun. Rusted it with 916 Production Fear Finish. Love the creativity of Maker86.


Purgatory Scream Park

Kingwood Area, TX

Pyramid Head Wearable Foam Prop

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815-627-0586 (Maker86 Industries)


Where to find us

7918 N Hale Ave

Section E

Peoria, IL

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